I posted black and white version of same theme, Future last time
and I just finished color version of it.
It was done by Adobe illustrator.
May 15 2013  


May 15 2013

This is new personal work for IF this week.
The theme is Future and This is what I m imagining for future such like living with robot in nature.

Snowwhite and Rosered

Snowwhite and Rosered by  Grimm Brother
Few days ago, I tried to find some classical fairy tale for my children's book protfolio,
and I found one of fairtale by Grimm Brother, Snowwhite and Rosered.
It is very famous fairytale and I wanted to draw those prettey girls.
Besides, today is children's day in Korea, on May 5th so it seems like I m celebrating children's day by posting this two cute girls.

girl meets boy

Girl meets boy
I drew each girl and boy illustration before and last night, suddenly I want to draw them in one illustration. I think I m going to draw them as a series but I m not sure when I will make them again.
Btw, it is just good start for me:) 

shaving boy

Shaving boy
I drew it by Ipad application and it is about a boy who want to shave like his father.
Looking up my childhood, I really want to be adult like mom because it looked very cool for me.
April.23. 2013


Illustration for word,"wild"
Wild mothers to protect their kids


April 11 2013


This is my personal work for this week.
March 4 2013


March, 27, 2013

cherry blossom

Although it is almost end of March, here is still cold in NYC.
I really hope spring is coming soon and flower is blooming:)
It is my first illustration which is drawn on ipad!
March. 27 2013 
Eye Glasses




How to make our body calm and balance with yoga

vector fashion illustrations

I did those fashion illustrations last year.
It was pretty simple and I drew what I wanted to wear at that moment.

Waitress character design

Three different color comps for waitress design.
I did this one month ago as a test of some company.
I was one of candidate who apply that company and I didn't be selected.
However, it was really fun to create this characters!

Sketches 2

I m highly interested in fashion illustration so I m practicing how to look more women's body and clothes beautifully.
All about drawing has been inspired by street fashion and some collection.
I need to do more drawing so I can get better and better than now:)


Here is some sketches I did.
Usually, I prefer to draw women body and out look than men
so most of my drawings are about women.



Caution: You should not wash wool sweater in hot water
Character expressions study

Happy New year for 2013
New York City
San Francisco
Editorial Illustrations for drafting
Inforgraphy Map
Mission district in San Francisco
Published in Peephole magazine second edition
On the Street in NYC
Under the sea
Jungle explorer

Facial Expression
class work 2011

hamster who loves to talk rather than to cook

Children's book
narrative illustration
- Hamster
- Dont like to cook
- Love to talk