How to make our body calm and balance with yoga

vector fashion illustrations

I did those fashion illustrations last year.
It was pretty simple and I drew what I wanted to wear at that moment.

Waitress character design

Three different color comps for waitress design.
I did this one month ago as a test of some company.
I was one of candidate who apply that company and I didn't be selected.
However, it was really fun to create this characters!

Sketches 2

I m highly interested in fashion illustration so I m practicing how to look more women's body and clothes beautifully.
All about drawing has been inspired by street fashion and some collection.
I need to do more drawing so I can get better and better than now:)


Here is some sketches I did.
Usually, I prefer to draw women body and out look than men
so most of my drawings are about women.



Caution: You should not wash wool sweater in hot water
Character expressions study

Happy New year for 2013
New York City
San Francisco
Editorial Illustrations for drafting
Inforgraphy Map
Mission district in San Francisco
Published in Peephole magazine second edition
On the Street in NYC
Under the sea
Jungle explorer

Facial Expression
class work 2011

hamster who loves to talk rather than to cook

Children's book
narrative illustration
- Hamster
- Dont like to cook
- Love to talk

Children's book Illustration
Jack and beanstalk
Class work 2012
32 pages dummy and three double spread color illustrations

Children's book illustration
Alice in wonderland
Peter pan
Class work 2012

time, motion and place

time,motion and place
class work 2011 fall


Class work 2011 fall