The Three Feathers

The Three Feathers by Grimm's fairy tale
The door opened, and he saw a big, fat toad sitting there, surrounded by a large number of little toads. The fat toad asked what he wanted.
The Simpleton answered, "I would like the most beautiful and finest carpet."

The Crumbs on the Table

The Crumbs on the Table by Grimm's fairy tale
But the rooster would give them no peace until they finally got onto the table and began to eat the breadcrumbs with all their might. Just then the mistress came home, quickly took hold of a stick, drove them off the table and gave them a good beating.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key by Grimm's fairy tale
So he scraped the snow away, and while he was thus clearing the ground he found a small golden key. Now he believed that where there was a key, there must also be a lock, so he dug in the ground and found a little iron chest.

The Pack of Scoundrels

The Pack of Scoundrels by Grimm's Fairy tale
"Run, duck! Run as fast as you can!"
Oct.17. 2014

Mrs. Fox's Wedding

Mrs. Fox's Wedding by Grimm's fairy tale
"Mrs. Fox, are you there?"
"Yes, my dear, yes."
"A suitor is outside."
"What does he look like? Does he have nine bushy tails like the late Mr. Fox?"
"No," answered the cat. "He has but one."
"Then I'll not have him."
Oct 14 2014

The three little men in the woods

The three little men in the woods by Grimm's fairy tale
The girl did what the dwarfs told her to, and with the broom she swept the snow away from behind the little house, and what do you think she found? Nothing other than ripe strawberries, which came up out of the snow quite dark red.
Oct 13 2014

Little Brother and Little Sister 2

Little Brother and Little Sister
By Grimm's fairy tale
In the evening, when the sister was tired and had said her prayers, she laid her head on the deer's back for a pillow, and gently fell asleep.
Oct.12. 2014

Little Brother and Little Sister1

Little Brother and Little Sister
By Grimm's Fairy tale
As soon as the first drops touched his lips he lay there in the form of a young deer.
Now the sister cried over her poor bewitched brother, and the deer cried also, sitting sadly next to her.
Finally the girl said, "Be quiet, my sweet little deer. I will never, never leave you."

Oct. 12. 2014

The egg-born Princess

The Egg-Born Princess – Collected by Friedrich Kreutzwald
"The next morning she went to look at it, and the first thing she saw was the broken eggshell, and a little doll lying among the pieces."

Boy who wanted more cheese2

Fairy tale by Boy who wanted more cheese by William E. Griffis
"Kees felt very happy, for he had no sense of being tired, and he did not know he was asleep. He thought his fairy partners, who had danced with him, were now waiting on him to bring him cheeses. With a golden knife, they sliced them off and fed him out of their own hands. How good it tasted! He thought now he could, and would, eat all the cheese he had longed for all his life. There was no mother to scold him, or daddy to shake his finger at him. How delightful!"


Boy who wanted more cheese

Fairy tale by Boy who wanted more cheese by William E. Griffis
"At this moment, while afraid that he would burst, Kees saw the pile of cheeses, as big as a house, topple over. The heavy mass fell inwards upon him. With a scream of terror, he thought himself crushed as flat as a Friesland cheese"

The young giants by Grimm's fairy tale
"He took up little thumbling carefully with two fingers, examined him.."

september illustration

September illustration


This is another book I worked last year. It is based on true story of Leidy who is single mother and lives in Colombia. This project is commisioned by Empower group which is nonprofit organization and is helping the girls in the world. It is 30 pages comic strips and it was my first experience to create comic strips with pen and ink, and digital coloring.
You can visit this website to get more information about grassroots girl’s book series -
Also, you can read book of Leidy and other girl’s books in here

Illustration for August

This month's illustration
It is personal work for August.



It was almost my first ccommissioned work for full pages of children's book
since I grduated from school.
Some girl asked me to draw her personal story to give a present to her family.
At that time, we didn't expect this book will be published soon but last week, I got email from her that this book will be published in iBooks next months.
It was really good to hear that and finally I can show my works in my blog and portfolio website.
Usually, the writer don't want to share works before it is published.
I can not wait to see my books on iBooks in next months.

Jimmy's Hospital

Jimmy's Hospital
I m working with small publisher in Australia, called "Billabongvalley publications", since last year.
It has the series of the books, "Billabongvalley adventure" by don cronk and I worked latest series of them, Jimmy's Hospital."
I finished all works last year but it has been published recently.
I made all 8 pictures including book covers, 6 pen and ink drawings and two colored book covers. 
I only show front cover in here but the picture is extended to back cover.

Wedding invitation

I made this illustration for my sister's wedding invitation.
It was my first time to make illustration for wedding but it was really fun,
 and I like to capture the moment of happiness for who start their second life with partner.

Flower deliverer

Boy and Rabbits: flower deliverer

Brave girl

Brave girl

Illustration for July

I was busy since last three month so I can not do any personal works.
I finished two children's book for last three months.
When it is published, I will upload some of the images in this blog.
while I was busy, I really want to make my personal illustration so I decide that I will creat at least one illustration at each month.
This work is for July.
Actually, I m waiting somone who come back from Korea to USA in July.

Girl meets boy series
What I did during the winter 2014