Jimmy's Hospital

Jimmy's Hospital
I m working with small publisher in Australia, called "Billabongvalley publications", since last year.
It has the series of the books, "Billabongvalley adventure" by don cronk and I worked latest series of them, Jimmy's Hospital."
I finished all works last year but it has been published recently.
I made all 8 pictures including book covers, 6 pen and ink drawings and two colored book covers. 
I only show front cover in here but the picture is extended to back cover.

Wedding invitation

I made this illustration for my sister's wedding invitation.
It was my first time to make illustration for wedding but it was really fun,
 and I like to capture the moment of happiness for who start their second life with partner.

Flower deliverer

Boy and Rabbits: flower deliverer

Brave girl

Brave girl

Illustration for July

I was busy since last three month so I can not do any personal works.
I finished two children's book for last three months.
When it is published, I will upload some of the images in this blog.
while I was busy, I really want to make my personal illustration so I decide that I will creat at least one illustration at each month.
This work is for July.
Actually, I m waiting somone who come back from Korea to USA in July.

Girl meets boy series
What I did during the winter 2014